Hi there.

New book blog. Well, new blog about books, at least; not sure how many actual new books will appear here.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping a film review blog on WordPress since 2009, and doing book reviews on a separate Tumblr account for a few years too. Just thought I may as well move that activity to WP as well. I may import those posts over here at some point.

Not really sure what else to say by way of introduction, other than note a couple of things:

  1. This year I want to finally do all of Shakespeare, only about a quarter of whose works I’ve actually read. I’ll be rereading the ones I’ve already read, obviously, but most of it’s going to be new to me, and if I’m actually blogging it that might encourage me to complete it.
  2. I’m also kind of working on the Horror: The 100 Best Books list (and its sequel), so there will likely be a certain amount of that sort of thing here too.

Think that’ll do for now. Should go and read something.


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